New Mobile-Friendly Platform Supports PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Chromebooks

Includes New Standards-Based Grading Capability

We are pleased to announce the launch of RenWeb 1, our new browser-based mobile-friendly platform that allows school administrators and teachers to access RenWeb from a PC, Mac, tablet or Chromebook.   

RenWeb 1 for Administrators on PCs and Macs

RenWeb 1 for Administrators on Tablets and Chromebooks

For administrators, we took everything we had created in RenWeb Portal and placed it in our new RenWeb 1 platform. Then we updated some processes to make RenWeb 1 load and run faster than Portal, and added feature areas that were previously missing in Portal, such as Scheduling, Student Billing, Honor Roll, Maintenance Manager and Database Tasks. 

That means an administrator can now log into RenWeb 1 from a PC or Mac and access nearly all of the features offered in the original Desktop version of RenWeb (see chart). After logging in, administrators will quickly see that RenWeb 1 runs much faster than RenWeb Portal or even RenWeb Desktop.

This video (7M 32s) provides an overview of RenWeb 1's administrative features and its navigation. 

Administrators will find they can utilize RenWeb 1's full feature set if they access RenWeb 1 using Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) or Firefox from a PC, or Safari or Firefox from a Mac.

Some feature areas, such as Student, Family and Staff Demographics, offer limited capabilities if they are accessed using the Chrome browser on a PC or Mac (see chart).

For example, when using the Chrome browser, you can view Student, Family and Staff Demographics, but you can’t modify or enter Student, Family or Staff information. 

That is because those feature areas were originally written for RenWeb Portal using a programming language called Silverlight. The Chrome browser recently discontinued support for Silverlight and other similar "plug-in" programs.

That means we will have to rewrite some of these areas in a different programming language called HTML5 before they will be fully functional when using the Chrome browser on a PC or Mac. But again, RenWeb 1 is fully functional today when accessed from a Mac using Firefox or Safari. In fact, Mac users will no longer have to install Parallels and Windows in order to run RenWeb 1.

For the Best Experience Avoid the Chrome Browser

An administrator can also use RenWeb 1 on a tablet or Chromebook and have access to a majority of the features they use on a daily basis (see chart).    

Like Chrome, tablets and Chromebooks also do not support Silverlight so they also do not support the features originally created in Silverlight.

When we rewrite these features in HTML5, they will be available to all users and all browsers, whether accessed on a PC, Mac, tablet or Chromebook. Completing this rewrite will be our development focus over the next year.  

Logging Into RenWeb 1

To log into RenWeb 1, simply type into the address bar of your browser window and log into RenWeb as normal.

You can also go to, select Logins, and select the RenWeb 1 Login menu option. Then log into RenWeb as normal.

When to Make the Switch

Individual users within schools can make the switch to RenWeb 1 at any time. All users will have the option to stay on RenWeb Desktop or FacultyWeb for the 2015/2016 school year.

Given RenWeb Portal’s screens and functionality have been moved into RenWeb 1, we plan to deactivate the login to RenWeb Portal over the next month. 

Users will be able to log into RenWeb Portal through August 23, 2015. Beginning on August 24, when a user logs into RenWeb Portal as they have in the past, they will be redirected to RenWeb 1. 

On September 7, we plan to remove the Portal Login menu option in Users should then select the RenWeb 1 Login menu option for accessing RenWeb 1.

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